Monday, November 15, 2010


Speak Up Huntsville is a community engagement initiative designed to strengthen our public schools in three local public school districts in Madison County AL by engaging the community and building capacity for improvement.

The program's purpose is to give individuals and organizations -- through community conversations -- the opportunity to address what they perceive to be the public schools' strengths, weaknesses and needs.  The intended outcome is a unified strategic plan to guide schools and to enhance the quality of public education.

Speak Up Huntsville is based on a model of successful community engagement initiatives from around the state and country.  The Schools Foundation is the community lead for this work that will involve approximately 150 community conversations and 3,000 participants over a 12-month period.


There are several posts and reading them in order of posting will help you follow the process.  Use the comments area to add your responses to questions and become part of the dialogue.  I'll be monitoring for comments throughout the morning from 7:30 until 8:30AM CST.  If you are visiting after that, please feel free to comment and I'll check these over the next few days to respond and to share as the School Foundation chooses.