Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome to Our Virtual Discussion - December 1 2010-READ THIS POST 1st

During this early morning hour, I hope you will 

contribute with your comments in response to prompts,

grow your knowledge and understanding of the Pritchard Committee's work

evaluate how it relates to your leadership role and the work of Speak Up Huntsville.

As valuable members of the leadership teams of Speak Up Huntsville, when you first post, please identify which team (Madison City, Madison County or Huntsville City) you are assigned to.  Then feel free to post comments.  I'll start the discussion with a post which reviews the overall objectives of this discussion and study.  The next post will then relate to several questions raised and central points in Chapters 4-5 of Mobilizing Citizens for Better Schools, our study text by Robert F. Sexton.

The only other rules we'll have are that you stay on topic, move through the various posts (I'll be monitoring all of them for comments), and provide feedback about how to make this first "blog" experience for the Schools Foundation Better.

Here we go!


To explore the idea of community engagement, what that means in the context of the book and what it means in Huntsville, AL

To review the work of the Pritchard Committee and define how its lessons and example has applications in our own communities

Use the text to create a sense of urgency and create an environment that can sustain change.

That's a big order!

Travel to the NEXT POST for the beginning of our discussion . . . see you there!

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